Neighborly Services

Neighborly Services

We at Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Homes, Inc. appreciate the trust and confidence that you have placed in us by choosing our funeral home. We realize that there are several other choices you could have made.

To thank you for trusting in us, we would like to offer several unexpected services. These services are given to you at no additional cost. Please feel free to choose any one, or all of the services that you would find helpful to you.

  • We will deliver a large coffee pot, disposable beverage containers, plates, eating utensils, and folding chairs to your residence.
  • The outside of your home often needs attention at this time. We will send our grounds keeper to your home to cut grass, sweep walks and driveway, shovel snow, and make the outside of your home presentable.
  • While our people are with you, they will be glad to accommodate you in any way they can. If you need an errand run, or a chore completed, just ask. They will be at your home to help you.
  • Immediate family members arriving at the airport in Nashville, Tennessee will be picked up in our car and brought to your home.

*If we have omitted any item or service that you might find helpful please consult your funeral director. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Homes are locally owned, operated, and staffed. We want to be your neighbor and your friend. We care about you and want to make this funeral experience as easy as we can for you.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Alan W. Beard & Franklin Todd Giles

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