Alan W. Beard and Franklin Todd Giles, owners of Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Home today announce the creation of the Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Center.  The state-of-the-art, multi-denominational, contemporary facility will accompany the current Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Home that offers traditional funeral services.  The two facilities will be located on adjacent properties, with the current Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Home property at 2504 S. Virginia Street and the Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Center located at 2508 S. Virginia Street in Hopkinsville.

The locally-owned and operated company that has served Hopkinsville for over 100 years sees a need in the community for a more unique experience during celebrations of life.  “This is a generational issue as I see it. People of my age and older will most likely continue to use our traditional funeral home. The younger people, more Frank’s age, will find the new contemporary funeral facility compatible with their needs and more comfortable for them,” said Alan. Frank continues, “The Funeral Center will allow for a more unique funeral experience than we are able to create inside the traditional funeral home.” 

The new Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Center will feature an open and casual space that will comfortably seat 400 guests, will include state of the art electronic sight and sound equipment, and that accommodates a worship team or traditional church choir.  The larger, more flexible space will allow for the celebration of the individual with the display of cars, boats, motorcycles, handmade items, or other large items important to the deceased during visitations and funerals.    

“We at Hughart, Beard & Giles Funeral Home are pleased to continue to bring the very latest innovations in funeral service to our community. We are the oldest funeral firm in Christian County. The tradition of being first began in the 19th century when our firm was founded. Then in the 20th century we brought the first motor-powered hearse to our market. With the Funeral Center we continue the tradition of being first even today in the 21st century,” says Frank.  

When you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you can trust us to guide you through the arrangements necessary to create a meaningful ceremony that celebrates the unique life being honored. Our staff is committed to providing your family with the highest quality care and service in your time of need, and we take pride in our responsibility to lighten your burden as you take the first steps toward healing and recovery.


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